This is a very simple yet challenging version of Solitaire. If you like solitaire then this game is for you, if you have a few minutes or a few hours it will keep you occupied on those long journeys.

It is just a simple game of solitaire, but there are additions to the game if you want. There are cheat buttons to help you if you are struggling, you can undo your last few moves, or you could shuffle the dealing deck if you cannot get the cards out, all are possible with this version if you want. If you don't want to use them then that's fine to. See if you can get all of the achievements, that will keep you coming back for more.


If you like cats then this Match 3 game is for you. Just double click a group of 3 cats or more to remove them from the grid. You have to get the required amount of cats in the time limit to move onto the next level.

Multiple levels, each with there own cat icon, try collecting them all. The game has many achievements to keep you coming back for more so why not try collecting them all. Try challenging your friends and the world by getting the best score.

See if you can get all the achievements and become the best in the leaderboards also look out for any bonus items that appear in the grid. All bonus items can be collected by creating a line over them.


Very addictive and challenging puzzle game, Just pickup and play, can be enjoyed from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, and from ages 4 - 104

All you have to do is drop the blocks in the grid and create as many lines as you can. If you create a line then you get bonus points for getting another line within the time limit, and the more lines you create off a single shape then the bigger the bonus!

See if you can get all the achievements and become the best in the leaderboards also look out for any bonus items that appear in the grid. All bonus items can be collected by creating a line over them.


Classic Solitaire card game to pass the time away

No frills, just click to place the cards, you can sign in to send your score to the leaderboards and why not try and get all the achievements.

If you want to pass the time away then why not give this game of Solitaire ago, connect with your friends and challenge them to see who is the best. Upload your best moves and time to the world and social leaderboards.

This is a unique puzzle game based around existing formulas ( 1010 and Solitaire ), all you have to do is create each of the suit of cards by sliding them over the other tiles.

Slide the higher tile over the lower tile as you would in 'Solitaire', make sure it's a different colour, create 4 stacks of tiles and then move them into the 4 foundation areas.

A very fun and simple take on the 2048 formula, just keep sliding the same value blocks together until you reach 2048.

The higher the value the harder the game becomes.

You also have multiple leaderboards and achievements, why not try and beat all your friends and also everyone else can you
be the best of the best?

Number Crunch, is a set of games just to see how good you number skills are.

It will produce a grid of numbers and there be a sum at the bottom of the screen.

This is a very simple 4x4 sudoku, it allows you to put the numbers in and create note numbers. There are 24 grids to play.

This is very similar to Number Grid, but instead of a grid of numbers it gives you the answers in balls than rotate in the center of the screen.

This is a very simple game, all you have to do is click on the numbers as fast as possible. They go from 1 all the way up to 99.

Word for Word is a casual word grid game. All you have to do is find all the words you can within the grid, just click on the letters to make the word. And then press the tick button to check it.

Do you think you are word smart, why not find out! see if you can out spell your friends.

- Different game modes
- Multiple grid sizes
- World Leaderboards

Math Grid - How good do you think you are at maths?

This simple concept will give your grey matter a 5 minute workout. All you have to do is work out the sum and find the answer in the the grid, sounds simple....

This is a simple app that creates a set of random numbers from 1-49, 1-80 and 1-99, it picks a number every time you press the button.

There is also a 'User Defined' selection which allows you to set how many balls you required ( 1 - 99 )

It is great for lotto, lottery, keno and bingo numbers as well as any other game that may require a random set of numbers. Who doesn't want a free app for bingo calling, or when ever you need to pick some numbers for the lottery.

Simply Slots is a simple casino style slot machine, with no in-app purchases.

Just spin, play and enjoy!

If you want a simple slot machine to while away a few minutes, then you will like this game. Just click to add some virtual credits into the slot and start playing.